Nebo Elementary School

Student Code of Conduct


(LA RS 17:416.13.A)

The LaSalle Parish School Board realizes, as a public agency, the school shares the responsibility with parents to educate, guide, and when necessary, discipline children.  Fair and impartial discipline will help to ensure that a proper climate for learning will exist, and it will also help students develop the self discipline that is required for learning.


The ultimate responsibility for student conduct rests with the student and his parent.  It is also the daily responsibility of school personnel to see that no single person interferes with the total learning environment of other students.  As prescribed by law, every teacher is authorized to hold every pupil to a strict accountability for any disorderly conduct in school or on the playground of the school or on any street, road, or school bus going to or returning from school, and during intermissions or recesses.  It is the final responsibility of the principal\designee to maintain discipline at each school or any school function or school-sponsored activities.  Referrals to the Courts, Families in Need of Services (F.I.N.S.), etc. may be m



When students commit minor offenses, the teacher should discipline the student according to their school discipline plan.  It is also recommended that the teacher contact, by phone or by sending home a note, the parents and inform them of the problems before referring the student to the Principal. In addition, the teacher may decide to administer punish work to the student. If punish work is issued, it should be in line with the offense.


For minor offenses the Principal or his/her designee may, as deemed appropriate, use from a variety of disciplinary measures established by the school including but not limited to counseling with the student, referral to the guidance counselor or other appropriate counselor, or use corporal punishment (If this method is selected the principal shall abide by LaSalle Parish School Board regulations regarding corporal punishment.)


For habitual minor offenses, the principal or his/her designee will contact the parent/guardian regarding behavioral concerns.


The teacher shall refer students to the principal when necessary, using the School Behavior Report Form established by the State Department of Education.


Beginning with the 2006-2007 school year in grades K‑12, students shall respond to personnel using respectful terms ("Yes, Ma'am, Yes, Sir.") Violations shall be considered a minor offense and disciplined accordingly. (LA R.S. 17:416.12)




The Student Code of Conduct includes but is not limited to the following offenses and dispositions.  A student found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct shall be disciplined according to the disposition set forth for that offense or as deemed appropriate by the Principal or the Principal’s designee.


Prior to any suspension, the school principal or the principal’s designee shall advise the student in question of the particular misconduct of which he or she is accused as well as the basis for such accusation, and the student shall be given an opportunity at that time to explain his or her version of the facts to the school principal or his or her designee; however, a student whose presence in or about a school poses a continued danger to any person or property or an ongoing threat of disruption to the academic process shall be immediately removed from the school premises without the benefit of the procedure described above; however, the necessary procedure shall follow as soon as is practicable.


Notice in writing using the School Behavior Report Form for Suspensions and Expulsions of the suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion shall be given to the parent or parents of the suspended student. (Bulletin 741, School Administrators Handbook)   

Student Code of Conduct

GRADES Pre-K through 5

Elementary school principals, grades PreK‑5 may use, at their own discretion, any of the items under the Student Code of Conduct they feel appropriate. However, serious ...more

GRADES 6 through 12


( *** All administrative action/offenses are cumulative and progressive)


  1. 1-3 days detention or 1-3 days suspension
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